Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in her saga of a family of powerful psionic Talents (The Rowan and Damia) raised to serve the Nine Star League. New York Times bestselling fantasy author Anne McCaffrey “interweaves an engrossing romance with a coming-of-age story”(Publishers Weekly) in this novel in. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Here McCaffrey introduces another generation in Damia’s Children (A Tower and Hive Novel Book 3) by [ McCaffrey, Anne. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading.. . Loading.

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I had a hard time liking Damia. I originally read this series from the library. I have marked the rest as to read. I do love the problems of dealing with Talented and gifted children! Woman emotional, men controlled.

The author chose not to enable readers like me and instead insists on a complete picture to really appreciate it. I’d love to say that expanding the story added something, deepened the setting, or increased our attachment to the characters, but it didn’t. She married in and had three children: The characters do not seem as well flesh out as in some of her books.

Mccffrey to import images to Wikidata All stub articles. Much like the first, I liked the science fiction but not so much the romance s. Oct 05, Susan rated it liked it. The first half of the book’s all Afra, the second half of the book’s largely Mcxaffrey, the Rowan lurks around being moody and pregnant and fussy, Raven flits in and out like the high school quarterback, adored by all.

I have been reading McCaffrey series including The Tower and Hive since a teenager so I have read them a number of times. Of all the Rowan’s children, Damia was the most brilliant and the one who inherited the Talent. The whole thing takes place in the well run future, and the problem with the well run future is that there’s really very little to sort out.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Which is probably the right choice as he’s more interesting than she is, given he’s 24 years older than she is and by the end of the book she’s only So her mother had the bright idea of having another baby, except she’d been pregnant too much in too short a time, and developed gestational diabetes, and they had to pack the kids off to a different planet to live with extended family.

Damia is told mainly mccafrey the point of view of Afra Lyon, the Rowan’s assistant, a character first introduced in the previous book. This book leaves less completed, and once you read it, you’ll feel like you need to know what’ A romance set in a sci-fi setting.

Otherwise, you’re likely to get bored before the story gets anywhere, because the story really doesn’t get anywhere. It’s logical scientific almost way of writing, meant you couldn’t get emotionally involved but you could be painfully curious in the world that exists in the future. Paperbackpages. Romance novels in spaaaaaaaaace. Her older brother and sister share a very tight bond, often completely excluding Damia from their games and life.

The sequel to The Rowan begins about halfway through the previous novel, but shifts focus from the Rowen to the character of Afra.

Damia’s Children

Lariad, as the focus of the mind merge, dies, and both Afra and Damia are severely burned out. Open Preview See a Problem? She can make admia lose your selve into her books and enjoy them very much.

I usually give 5 and an occasional 4. Doona Catteni, or Freedom Petaybee.

Damia by Anne McCaffrey | : Books

By the time the three children of her marriage were comfortably in school most of the day, she had already achieved enough da,ia with short stories to devote full time to writing.


And we learn that Afra who has been her parents’ colleague since forever, changed her diapers, damla. It is a theme she turns to over and over again in her fiction. Works by Anne McCaffrey. She also loves to play inside the escape pods, something that is not allowed.

Damia’s Children (Tower and Hive, book 3) by Anne McCaffrey

One could make the argument that McCaffrey is lost in a kind of medieval world where this is the norm. This article about a s science fiction novel is a stub. Being such a powerful Talent, life is not easy for her. Can’t give it a 5 but if I said why it would spoil it.

,ccaffrey Her two older siblings had this weird sibling bond and they tended to leave her out of their games. It isn’t boring but because it doesn’t grab at your emotions there’s no One word? Afra has always loved her, since the day she was born, but he has kept his distance. I enjoyed the childhoods of both the Rowen and Damia, but once the young women grow to adult-hood, their emotional piques wear thin as does their primal drive for motherhood and large broods of children.

Assigned to serve the farthest human colonized world from Earth, Damia leads a lonely existence until she telepathically connects with an alien dsmia in another galaxy—a potential threat not snne to Damia, but to the love Afra wants to share with her