ArgoUML is the leading open source UML modeling tool and includes support for all User documentation On Windows or Mac: Double-click on Argo’s Javadocs Tab allows you to enter documentation on the selected design element. Extract all files from to a folder. Double click. The documentation () is impressive with different formats of a quick start and a user manual ( pages!) that.

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This is a statement of any assumptions that we can make at the end of the use case.

This menu gives access to details of those who authored the system, and where additional help may be found. For example the initial design of a telephone system might identify objects to i handle the phone lines, ii process the calls, iii manage the system and iv bill the customer.

And they support the design process in that they allow the designer to enter diagrams in the documentaation of popular design methodologies. ArgoUML draws on research in doumentation psychology to provide novel features that increase productivity by supporting the cognitive needs of object-oriented software designers and architects. Perform Automatic Diagram Layout.

In argomul main use case, we specify a name for a location in the description, where an extension to the behavior could be attached. Choose the former if you are docu,entation Microsoft Windows user, and the latter if you are running some flavor of Unix.

It documentatiob the following settings. If this language is not desired, another language can be chosen at startup of ArgoUML.

If designers improved their decision-making capabilities, it would result in better designs. Developers also read this list, so there’s a good chance to get qualified help. Choose according to your own situation.


We will certainly come back through the requirements phase on each iteration as we seek to define the requirements of more and more of the system.

This allows you to toggle the auto-critique on and off, set the level of importance of design issues and design goals and browse the critics available.

ArgoUML homepage

Some analysts like to place non-functional requirements in a section at the end of each use case specification, containing the non-functional requirements relevant to the use case. Active actors initiate interaction with the system.

This sequence of letters while holding down the ALT key selects the entry. This closes down ArgoUML. At the top of screen is a menu bar. Although not strictly part of our process, we’ll look at how the UML collaboration diagram can be used as an alternative to, or to complement the sequence diagram.

Give it a try and zoom around a little Be aware that you can add an undefined number of notes to any one class! The most useful eocumentation the Package-centric default and Diagram-centric. They showed the relationships between the actors and use cases, and demonstrated how these actors and use cases interact.

Unloading of deposits and loading of cash by officials of the local bank branch. This should make portability of different models in to ArgoUML considerably easier.

The UML standard defines a number of standard stereotypes, and the user may define more stereotypes of his own. The procedure for adding generalizations, is the same as for adding extend relationships, but using the generalization ragouml from the editing pane toolbar.

They provide generation of database schemas or code in other languages like Ruby or Delphi.


A warning message will pop-up if you have a project docuentation with unsaved changes asking if you wish to save it. In the introduction, we listed the four key things that make ArgoUML different: In this process, each stage of the process—requirements, analysis, design and build code and test is completed before the next one starts.

Hence my preference for a single supplementary requirements specification. This has led to the development of a number of lightweight variants of processes often known as agile computing or extreme programming that are suited to very small teams of engineers. The fact that the extend icon’s arrow points upward the opposite of the include icon should help remind you of this.

Otherwise select the use case and its property tab in the details pane.

Welcome to ArgoUML

If you are much larger than this, consider breaking the use case down. On the bottom, you find a “details” pane where you odcumentation define your diagram items and link them with elements, like a “todo” item or documentation. With it has come a major shift in the thought processes of all involved in the software development life cycle.

For most market-led developments, where ownership of requirements is within the same business as the team who will do the development, this is now usually the case. Each use case argoulm be documented to explain in detail the behavior it is specifying. It is helpful to give some prioritization here.