Meet Italy at CEBIT . In , the Italian ICT market in its traditional components – hardware, software and Ausstellerliste Italien. What began in Berlin – and became a great success since in Many big events take place here, for instance the annual CeBit trade fair, and in der Aussteller List of exhibitors Ausstellerliste a-b List of exhibitors Ausstellerliste b-c . HANNOVER MESSE Ausstellerliste Beutter HANNOVER MESSE Preliminary Exhibitor List Exhibitor List CeBIT – Exhibitor List CeBIT Destination ITS Exhibitor Country / City Hall / Stand ADAC.

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Auch neben unseren Regierungskonsultationen und der Zusammenarbeit im Rahmen der G20 pflegen wir einen regen politischen Austausch. Als weiter aufstrebende Wirtschaftsmacht baut Indien nicht nur auf traditionsreichen Wirtschaftszweigen auf, sondern setzt unter anderem mit einer leistungsstarken Chemie- und IT-Branche beeindruckende Akzente.

Deutschland ist unser bevorzugter Partner beim Umbau Indiens in einen global bedeutenden Produktionsstandort. Germany and India can look back on many decades of good and amicable relations.

We enjoy lively political exchange beyond our intergovernmental consultations and our cooperation within the G Above all our countries are linked through a wide range of civil society connections via schools, universities and research centres, cultural organisations, associations and, last but not least, enterprises.

As an emerging economic power, India is not only developing traditional branches of business but is also gaining an impressive reputation with highly performing chemical and IT sectors, for which it can draw on many young experts with outstanding qualifications.

The extent to which India and Germany complement each other as business partners is, of course, also illustrated by the volume of bilateral trade, which recent calculations put at more than 16 billion euros. The potential of our economic cooperation has not been exhausted by a long way.

It is also an excellent forum for making new contacts and initiating business deals. I am pleased to inform you that with our efforts of last nine months, the Indian economy has retumed to a high growth trajectory.

In this Financial Yearwe expect to grow at almost 8. My Govemment s Make in lndia initiative is the centerpiece of our efforts to enhance the share of manufacturing in our economy on a sustainable basis while generating employment for millions of young men and women. This initiative will also create value and jobs for German companies that invest in India.

Partner Country India – PDF

Germany s core competence in engineering, innovation and skills is well recognized. They fit in well with my Govemment s programmes including Digital lndia, Clean lndia and Skill India.

We invite German companies to join us in creating a world-class manufacturing infrastructure that leverages our advantages; Democracy, Demography and Demand; with German technology and engineering skills. Germany is a preferred partner to transform India into a global manufacturing hub.

I am happy that we also have the widest participation from India across all sectors of our economy. The participation of Indian States and the presence of a highlevel CEO aausstellerliste at Hannover testifies to our keenness to build new partnerships with global business hubs. I also look forward to welcoming you in lndia in the near future. Enterprises 5 A55 A. Ltd 5 B42 Intelux Electronics Pvt. Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd.


Steel 6 F42 R. A Aussrellerliste Lubes Pvt.

Partner Country India

Formally Supertech Cranebel Engineers Pvt. April Monday, 13 April Opening India Partner Country Pavilion The India pavilion showcases the limitless potential of India as a design, ausstellwrliste, manufacturing and export hub.

The theme of the Pavilion is India s leading national initiative Make in India. Exhibitions and interactive installations demonstrate the depth of what India has to offer as a manufacturing partner: The pavilion will also showcase other national initiatives such as Skill India and Digital India. This is India s economic road map for the next decade don t miss it! Wachstumsprognosen wurden nach oben korrigiert, erste und wichtige wirtschaftspolitische Reformen werden umgesetzt.

During the summit Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and business leaders from both countries will discuss India s role in the ausstellerlists economy and perspectives for its future growth path. They will also take a look at further opportunities to intensify the Indo-German Partnership.

For German businesses the Indian market becomes increasingly interesting. In particular since Prime Minister Modi took over the leadership of the country in Maythe economic development of the country is followed carefully.

Growth projections for India are revised upwards, initial and important economic reforms are being implemented. Through his flagship project, the campaign Make in India, Prime Minister Modi wants to strengthen India as a production location within the global competition. April Monday, 13 April Investment Opportunities in Maharashtra The seminar will focus on promoting foreign investment in Maharashtra.

April Monday, 13 April Dienstag, A series of shows, discussions and presentations that demonstrate India s unique status: Cocktails and music will be accompanied by samplers of Ausstellerliete cuisine prepared by chefs specially flown in for the occasion. Opportunities in Electronics and Electricals segment. India aims to increase industry competitiveness in the electricals and electronics segment through technology up-gradation, skill development and focus on indigenous manufacturing.

Sarkar or 22 Smart Cities is an important mission of the Govt. This joint Seminar will discuss Govt. April Tuesday, 14 April Dr. Renewable Energy plays a key role in addressing the Energy Security issues of the country, without degrading the climate.

Today, though India stands fifth in the world in the overall Renewable Energy capacity installations with 32, MW installed, we are far from achieving Energy Security. Government of India has ambitious targets of achieving GW of Renewable Energy installation in next 5 years, which requires minimum investment of USD 20 billion each year.

The conference will have deliberations on India s promising market for Renewable Energy development as an answer to Energy Security issues. India presents a ausstellerlidte market and investment destination for global ausstellerlistw and investors.

Developing a complete ecosystem for Renewable Energy sector is an achievable target and this Conference will focus on collaborative opportunities and partnerships to take part in India s renewable energy growth story. The conference will have participation of high level government, business, and institutions participating from both India and Germany. Partner Country India 28 German companies receive first-hand information about the developments in the renewables sector in India under the new government Discuss opportunities for Indo-German business cooperation in the renewables and energy efficiency sector.


CEBIT – Europe’s Leading Digital Event

Solar, Wind and Biomass Where are the markets moving? Which opportunities are coming up for German companies and Indo-German business cooperation? Industry and Buildings Where are the markets moving? India sits at a tremendous demographic advantage. India s current population of 1. However, challenges of cehit persistent skill gap remain. Both the Government of India and the Federal Government of Germany have exhibited commitment in the area of vocational training with both governments agreeing to incorporate the action of the Working Group into a roadmap in the future for strategic planning purposes in India.

One of the breakthroughs has been the adaptation of the Apprenticeship scheme from the international partner to enable efficient implementation of the amended Cebut Act in India. The ausstrllerliste of the German dual system is the manner in which the issue of horizontal and vertical progression is handled.

Volker Treier tbc Dy. What are the Goals? What have we achieved? The road ahead Panelists Moderator: Beschaffungsmarkt Indien Rechtliche und steuerliche Anforderungen sowie Lieferantenmanagement in Indien. Die vom Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.

Topics include Procurement in India legal and fiscal ausstellelriste as well as Supplier Management in India. The BME organized event is open members, exhibitors and visitors. Bundesverband Materialwirtschaft, Einkauf und Logistik e.

India offers tremendous opportunities for Heavy engineering and MDA sector. Major investments ausstllerliste in infrastructure, energy, transport, industrial manufacturing will drive expansion in end user industry of MDA technologies.

Government of India initiatives Moderation by M. Sarkar or 40 April Wednesday, 15 April Update: Podiumsdiskussion Outlook for German entrepreneurs Are the lights set to green?

Welcome to ISE 2019

Anmeldung erforderlich per an: The State of Gujarat is one of India s most progressive states. With a positive development quotient, Gujarat has always capitalized on its ausstlelerliste to leverage strategic opportunities through emerging channels of progress based on business friendly policies, pro-people, proactive administration amongst others.

This has led to Gujaratbeing a globally preferred investment destination. Pune has been able. Global Investors meet Overview of the event Tamil Nadu is one of the most economically developed states in India. It is the 3 rd largest state in terms of industrial output in the country. The topical framework Smart. Invest Karnataka Date: Hall- 1, Bangalore Palace, Bengaluru. The APW are a Platform which combines numerous. Modi To successfully implement e-governance, the country must think about.

Under the title Asia-Europe Innovation Dialogue. Systemic and holistic consideraton of the topic Smart City Cooperation with Metropolitan Solutions Triad of conference, trade. Scaling Up Clean Energy: Does Swiss IT Matter? September im Forum St.