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Neocolours Welcome to Neocolours! Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released early, new pokemon For posting threads about MMOs, console games, other virtual pet sites, gaming news and suchlike. The Fire-types got screwed again, this generation.

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More base data for the game here: Almost NO fire types, though! A couple Pokemon pictures that weren’t in guost old thread and don’t seem to be on Serebii yet: Some kinda skunk I have no idea what this is supposed to be. I think I’m going to resist gawping at all these pokemon until I can play the actual game. More of a surprise then.


Manaphi might not be Legendary either, as it appears to be breedable. More-or-less confirmed Lickitung evo and possible Rhydon and Tangela evos.

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All info 481–80 here: Last edited by Saturn on 26 Sep Or maybe you need to get eevee friendly in the snow region. And I still stand by the fact that umbreon and espeon should come from moon and sun stones instead of friendliness.

Baby forms for Chansey, Mr. That makes little to no sense.

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl released early, new pokemon – Neocolours

Suck for having to wait till next year for it to come here. Last edited by NyauNyau on 06 May Um, I have no idea if this is real, but Last edited by NyauNyau on 26 Sep Murkrow gets a beard!

Magmar becomes more bird-like!

Magneton becomes a UFO! The Grass and Ice Eevees look gorgeous! The Legendary Ghosts look too much alike!