Class: Insecta. Order: Odonata. Family: Coenagrionidae. Genus: Ischnura. Species: I. senegalensis. Common Names: Common Bluetail. Status: Common. Male: Eyes: Upper side black; underside pale green to yellow. Two bright blue spots present behind the eyes. Thorax: Bronze backed with pale green sides and . General Description. Small, hairy, brightly coloured, blue, greenish blue and shiny black, with blue and black pterostigmas and bright cobalt blue abdominal tip.

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IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Sunday, February 27, Ischnura senegalensis Rambur, Extremely common In flight: Species easily confused with: It can be seen everywhere in the lowlands and is quite an aggressive feeder. Both idchnura and females are spotted in close proximity, though sometimes the females hang back from the water.


The males have green and black stripes on the thorax, but the most obvious feature is the azure blue end segments on the abdomen. They are abundant, but are quite difficult to photograph because they are small and easily frightened.

Ischnura senegalensis – Senegal Golden Dartlet – Odonata of India

This one has senegalensiz table manners whatsoever Apparently the blue specimens possibly maturer specimens are common, but I hardly ever see them. I think they look cool.

A close up of this male shows many parasites that live on odonata. This specimen has many different coloured ones The old female is much duller in appearance. Hannibal Lecter eat your heart out This female is eating another damselfly A.

She is perching on a twig in the baking hot afternoon sun. A copula in the wheel position.

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