The XPROB is part of Manfrotto’s X family, designed for general-purpose use indoors and out. There are no fewer than 12 models in the. Find great deals for Manfrotto XPROB Tripod. Shop with confidence on eBay!. The Manfrotto XPROB Tripod Legs Kit includes a RC4 Midi Ball Head with PL QR Plate. This plate allows you to easily remove or replace your.

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So far I’m please with the product. At the other end of the scale are a pair of aluminium models which are unable to crouch as low as the others while also employing basic wing-nuts to lock their legs instead of the quicker push lever system; these cheaper models are designated with the letter D. The choice of head obviously also plays a significant role in the 055xproh of the system as a whole.

I use this as my primary tripod but not for hiking as it is way too heavy. There are no fewer than 12 models in the current X family, divided equally between the and ranges. You may also like. Interestingly though, there may be a way to have your cake and eat it — at least with the pricier carbon fiber models anyway.

The design of this tripod, well thought out, has many features including a telescoping neck that comes completely out and can re attach horizontally to the top of the tripod to manfrotto unique shots unlike any other tripod I’ve ever seen! Bubble Head Mount Thread Size: Over the next decade and a half the company grew significantly with manufacturing remaining in Italy. The range is the bigger of the two, extending to taller heights and handling heavier camera systems, although this in turn also makes them bigger, heavier and more expensive.

  HCPL 4504 PDF

Anyone who shoots in cold conditions will know an aluminium tripod can become uncomfortable to carry and sticky nanfrotto touch; indeed under extreme conditions you should avoid touching the metal surfaces at all with bare hands. Bags are an optional extra. So if you need the height of the range with the column extended, but want greater stability, the will give you it with the column down.

The tripod features individual leg spreading with 4 angle settings instead of the usual 3. We timed the vibration dissipation on-location using the screen, but also recorded the results for presentation here.

Manfrotto XPROB Tripod with RC2 Midi Ball Head Kit B&H

The XPROB has an enhanced horizontal center column that can be pulled up and repositioned at a 90 degree angle like a boom, making that low minimum height possible. Indeed after much research many photographers narrow their choices of a decent tripod down to these very four models, but then often struggle with their final decision.

It holds my camera up out on its own to about 18 inches from center with the legs in a normal upright position and the leg clamps all hold well. See details for additional description.

Like most aluminum tripods, the legs will extend under their own weight when unlocked, allowing you to be operational at full height within seconds.

Height is one of the major differences between the and series.

Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod

So to answer the question posed at the start of this article, which of the four tripods is best for you? To return it to the normal vertical orientation, simply loosen the wing-nut 055xpprob slide the column to its maximum extension, before again pushing the button at the bottom to pop it through.


If you are looking for one to take backpacking or will be carrying for long distances you may want to spend the money on the carbon one. It was super easy to use, and held up my D with Lens with amazing stability. Update Unrecognized 055xprbo Code. One of the most revealing tests for a tripod is how quickly it can dampen vibrations.

While all vibrations with the columns raised or lowered were fully dissipated within a ten second countdown, most configurations were still wobbling well beyond two seconds. It also features improved ergonomic design plus a counter spring system to compensate for off-center loads. Cannington Store 12 Cecil Ave. The leg tubes and centre column are made of aluminium with a smooth finish.

Like most aluminium tripods, the legs will extend under their own weight when unlocked, allowing you to be operational at full height within moments. The legs are stable and sets independently to make photography easier on rough or uneven surfaces while the tips of each leg are fitted with standard kanfrotto feet. Additional Product Features Product Type.

Website design by Coolgrey. I have already tried my Mamiya RB67 camera on it and it seemed to cope eceptional well even with the centre column at 90 deg. The Movie Crop function then effectively multiplied this by a further 7.